House Update!

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Fireplace, hearth and mantel installed!

IMG_0614Bathroom being tiled!

Walls are all spackled and primed.  Trim is in and gorgeous!!  This is just a preview.  This week floors begin with sanding, staining and finishing.  Next week is the kitchen!  We are moving along!!



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It is very exciting to see the siding go up. I hemmed and hawed over clapboard vs. cedar impressions. In the end, we made the right choice. These are Certainteed 7 inch cedar impression in Flagstone. Love it!

Barbie’s Dream House

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It’s an exciting time as things are really progressing on the house.  I’ve finally got some good photos to share with y’all.  This is the before the Lift pic.  Really, really, really low……  and take note of the very depressed and sad dormers, because they have received a huge dose of happy and look so much better now!!!



The house has been lifted, put down and framed (95%)!!  Here is the bumped out kitchen, new garage and new/replaced extension:


Here is the new & improved family room:


I know!  Right?  Here is the new kitchen – 150% BIGGER!


The view from the living room to the new family room:


SICK!!!!  Here is the new office and the new master bath:



And last, but not least, the SICK, SICK, SICK view from upstairs!!!  Won’t last too long though….neighbors are lifting too.  Still, pretty awesome.


Long time no see!

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Hello!  Things are finally happening at our house.  It’s been lifted, piles are in, concrete sonotubes poured and the next step is girder installation and then the house comes back down.  Then framing, remodeling, building, etc.  So happy to see things moving along!

We just got back from a 7 day boat trip to Sag Harbor, Block Island, Newport and then back to Block.  We live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  Here are a few pics:



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We are out of our house six months today.  Hard to believe.  Hard to do.  We are scheduled to be lifted at the end of this week or the beginning of next week…..  Cannot wait.  Hopefully I have some exciting photos to post next week.  Until then.

The Lift – Phase 1

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Five months out of the house now and things are finally beginning to happen.  The house is undergoing big changes!  The extension in the back has been torn off!  Shed torn off!  Roof over back stoop torn off and shingles torn off!


The chimney has been removed from the center of the house!  There is a column of air straight through from the roof down to our “indoor pool”.



The shingles have been stripped and the house wrapped up just waiting to go up in the air!



There is what is left of Larry’s Lounge….not to worry.  The new Lounge will be far better.  I’ll be back when the house goes up in the air.  Should be very soon.  Exciting!!!!!

The Latest.

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It has been over three months since we are “out” of our house.  We are luckier than most as we have had two beautiful, gracious homes to live in during that time.  We are at my mom’s now and are quite comfortable.  Though it is still not home.  Most people have forgotten the storm now.  That is hard.  Especially on the children.  Mostly, we all just want to go home! 

On the brighter side, we are doing things to our house that we NEVER would have done and in the end, it is going to be magnificent.  We are bumping out our kitchen, making an entry into the soon to be much larger den.  We will have a new, incredible Water World master bath and I will get a new office/laundry room.  We will have all new, dark wood floors.  And the icing on the cake will be the new kitchen.  Should you be so inclined, you can check out my ideas on my Pinterest page.

The house is gutted and we are waiting…..waiting….waiting…for permits.  Oy.  More to come…..


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