Aaaaand we’re back in the game!

Now that Miss Gracie is here and things have settled down somewhat, we’re getting down to the business of summer!  Here are Larry and Christine on the back of Beach Bound (which we were – we’re on our way to Ocean Beach and Houser’s Hideaway for dinner – woo hoo!!!).

The view from my perch on board:

Carl and me at The Hideaway:

We had an amazing dinner followed by drinkies at Houser’s Bar.  We didn’t feel like staying in OB, but didn’t feel like going right home either.  So we headed back to the top of our canal and then floated around the Bay under the stars drinking red wine for another hour or so ….we didn’t get home until 1:00am….much to our sitter’s surprise because we rarely stay out past 11:30.  This was late for us!  Can’t believe I didn’t have a hangover.  Doesn’t seem right, but what the hell.  And here’s a pic of me and the kids on our gorgeous Saturday afternoon sail.  It was supposed to be horrible all day, but the sun came out around 3:30 and off we went.  Short, but very sweet.

Today I Magic Eraser’d the cockpit so Larry can wax it.  I also Never Dull’d all the stainless up top.  Looks pretty good if I do say so myself.  Larry has a couple of plumbing/tubing (not really sure) projects to do today (including the waxing of the super clean cockpit).  Next week (beginning the 9th) we’re on vacation…..AGAIN!!!  We’ll start with some Thai food down at the Club on Friday night.  Saturday AM is the prepping of the Flying Scots (I’m racing in the Women’s Championship on Sunday).  Saturday night is the Clambake – my favorite of all the Club’s parties.  Sunday am is the race and then Sunday afternoon we’re off to Sailor’s Haven.  We’ll stay there until Tuesday morning and then sail back west to Atlantique.  We’ll stay at Atlantique until Thursday when we’ll probably go home for a night.  By then, I’ll be happy for a color TV and air conditioning.  Friday we’ll probably head back out to Hemlock.  I’m very much looking forward to the trip.  Hopefully Mr. Sun will cooperate.  Until next time.



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