Maiden Voyage – July 20, 2008

For us, as a family, it was our maiden voyage in the Great South Bay.  As life would have it, we were freaks trying to get everything done with two small children seemingly dismantling everything just as we had finished organizing it all….and so it goes.  We shoved off around 2:00 (only two hours late and in the grand scheme of things – no biggie).  We motored over to save some time, plus we’re just LOVING our new Yanmar.  We rafted up with friends and settled in for a lovely afternoon.  I stayed on board and Larry took the kids over to the flats with the other Dad’s and kiddies.  I watched and it was beautiful.  The light is gorgeous there.  The bodies are just shadows dancing and the light is reflected off the water. 

We later dinked over to the rendevous “headquarters” for a cocktal party.  Saw an old friend who’s recently engaged.  I’m happy for them.  She seems wonderful.  He’s a thoughtful and kind young man.  It was good to see them.  Plus, the cocktails were NICE.  Pain Killers!  Never had one of those before.  Deeeeeelightful!  We headed back around 7:30 and everyone just chilled.  Good conversations, a few more beers.  My daughter read all the kids an entire chapter book.  They hung on her every word.  Had some fun with glow necklaces.   We threw out a third anchor for peace of mind – we had five rafted together.  We never budged.  In like flint.  Super, super foggy this morning, blazing hot – basically just miserable.  So after a water balloon fight among 5 zodiacs, we hoisted anchor and had a nice sail home.  We only put out the jib which was all we needed.

Miss Gracie rocks.



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