The Weather Cleared. Briefly. July 27, 2008

Larry had the week off.  We began with the raft up in Hemlock and ended with two days in Atlantique.  We spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (and to be honest, most of Thursday) getting Miss Gracie organized (to a small degree) and clean (she’s immaculate – on the inside).  Larry changed out the halyards, moved the roller furling, removed the extra stay that the roller furling had formerly been attached to, removed the scary alcohol stove (we’ll give this to Mike Duffy if he’d like to have it) and installed our new Seacook Stove.  I’m an excellent cook, but sailboats were not made for cooking.  You cook in the glory of your own kitchen and then “bring with”.  Baking brownies on a sailboat?  Me thinks I have better things to do.  We also pulled the trigger and bought a brand new propane Magma.  For when we’re in a marina, we have our Weber Q, which we love.  So out went the stove and in it’s place we have a square cooler and a place to store dry goods.  It works for us. 

The weather was a funny thing this week.  We had a great day in Hemlock, then it was kind of crappy until Thursday afternoon went the front that had been hanging around slid through.  We jumped on and headed over to Atlantique.  We had no trouble getting a slip and Thursday night was gorgeous.  Friday was beautiful as well, although the ocean was too rough.  We heard later that 6 had drowned over the last 4 days.  I found out by phone that the BYC beat Unqua…..YES!!!  Friday night at Atlantique began with some fun.  We ran into Harry and Jane Manko and I had a cocktail with them while Larry BBQ’d.  They were happy to have company and so were we.  Later, Larry went for a drinkie while the kids and I walked around the dock to visit with all their friends.  Unfortunately, the nice evening ended up being really annoying because people at Atlantique just drink too much.  It’s such a shame.   Frankly, I just don’t get it.  Why bother coming?  They screw their dishes into the pilings, set up the TV and then sit on the dock watching TV and drinking….doesn’t this defeat the whole purpose of boating?  Anyway, we were kept up until 1:00AM by screaming drunks.  I guess the only way to withstand Atlantique is to have air conditioning.  This way you can close the hatches and shut out the noise.  We alas, poor slobs, have good old fashioned hatches, screens and fresh air.  By Saturday morning, we’d had enough.  We left by 10:00am and had a gorgeous sail home.  Really, really nice.  We headed straight to the BYC and spent the entire day.  It was very relaxing and continued the vacation.  Today, it just poured and poured and poured.  Much thunder and lightening as well.  Larry went down to the Club and I took the kids to see Get Smart which was very funny.  I enjoyed much more than I though I was going to. 

This week, I begin cleaning up the stainless.  I’ll vacuum down below and shop for some more supplies that have become an apparent necessity in the last few days.  Until next time.




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