New rug.

Not a big deal to most sailing enthusiasts, but I’m a decorator at heart.  My new Crate and Barrel runner came today and it fits perfectly.  It looks rather nice with the color scheme (that will definately be changing in the future….).  Due to the better than fair condition of the interior cushions, they are remaining for one more year.  As such, I had to ‘go with’ the color flow rather than fight it with every ounce of my being, which was my first instinct.  While none of the colors are what I want, I have to say it doesn’t look half bad.  Here is where you’d expect to see the photo, right?  Not happening right now.  I just got back from Happy Hour and felt the urge to write, but don’t have the graphics to back up my “happy” (aka vodka tonic) urge.  Tomorrow, m’kay?  Night, night.  Until next time my friends.


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