While we have been away on MIss Gracie, we really went all out last week.  We were going to head out on Sunday, but the weather reports were horrendous, so we waited.  Of course, there was only one rumble of thunder and a 10 minute shower….Murphy’s Law, right?  It was fine, as we were pretty tired from a fun party on Saturday night. 

We headed out on Monday and were followed the entire way by a threatening front.  We motored to Sailor’s Haven as the weather did not allow a leisurely sail.  Heading down the channel into the SH marina, I put the whammy on us.  I had to go and say, “you know, we could potentially dock without ever getting wet!!”.  Uh huh.  100 yards from the marina the skies opened up and we were soaked!  There were two slips side by side which was perfect.  We pulled into one and our friends, the Mulle’s, pulled into the other.  I took a pretty bad fall while docking.  I slipped on our bow sprit and almost fell in the water.  I was hanging by the rail and was able to pull myself up, all while Mr. Sea Ray sat watching me while drinking his cocktail on his boat in the slip south of us.  Thanks so much for the help Asshole!  I ended up having to go down below to put my foot up as I had a hematoma on my ankle the size of a ping pong ball.  It went down quickly and never really hurt that bad.  The following day I began turning all shades of purple, green and yellow.  I was bruised everywhere.   But back to vacation.  The rain quickly stopped and the kiddies were so psyched to go see the Sunken Forest, so off we went while the men settled us in.  We were only going to go part way, but the kids were adamant we go all the way.  The Sunken Forest at Sailor’s Haven is really incredible.  It’s approximately 4 feet below sea level in the center of the forest.  It has a lovely boardwalk all the way through.  Sailor’s Haven is my favorite place on Earth, next to Bermuda.  There are only 37 boat slips, which keeps out the riff raff.  It’s quiet, clean and absolutely gorgeous.  There’s a Ranger Station with small exhibits for the kids to look at and play with.  The Ranger’s will sit and talk to the kids for as long as you like.  There are Forest tours once a day.  There’s a small snack bar with your basic fried goodies, grilled cheese, BLT’s and some seriously good ice cream.  Then there is a general store as well.  There’s a bath house halfway between the beach and marina which has 12 showers that are NEVER hot (which means they are awfully cold), so it’s not for faint of heart.  No divas here unless you have a hot water shower on your boat.  We do not.  But you would be hard pressed to find a prettier place on Fire Island.

This was the tail end of the front passing through on Monday night – it was very pretty and there was no rain in them there clouds, which was nice.  That’s the Robert Moses Causeway Bridge in the background.

It’s a little strange that this is the only beach photo we have from our stay at SH – We spent two glorious days on the shore there.  This is rather gloomy looking and doesn’t reflect our two great beach days at all!  The wind was from the North, which means that there are no big waves or undertow.  This makes perfect beach days for those with small children who aren’t ready to handle the ocean alone.  We did quite a bit of boogie boarding.  We dug some pretty big holes and Larry and I even got a walk in. 

On Tuesday, we talked our neighbors into coming to SH instead of going to Atlantique.  We were thrilled to have them join the party!  That night the kids came up with the idea of walking through the Forest in the dark!  So off we went – Six adults and six kids with flashlights.  The Mulle’s always have cool gadgets, so, of course, they had headlights!

At the beginning of the Forest, you can still see the Bay.  Isn’t it magnificent?

We had a great time here.  On Thursday, we headed down to Atlantique to meet up with the O’Connells.  The Galian’s came along too, but the Mulle’s pulled off to Coast Guard Cove (which they would be sorry for later….).  We spent the day Bayside (too many jellies and sea lice in the ocean), which was fine.  I even went in.  There was a welcome afternoon storm which allowed me to actually take a nap!!  We decided to water taxi down to Ocean Beach for dinner – this became quite a feat of planning – there were 15 of us!  We finally managed a reservation in The Island Mermaid, but we had to RUSH to get ready!  We jumped on the water taxi and made it to OB just ahead of this:

We made it into the restaurant two seconds before the downpour began.  There was TONS of lightning, so imagine my happiness to be in an air conditioned restaurant drinking Cosmopolitans while cats and dogs fell from the skies.  Meanwhile, things were FAR worse down in Coast Guard Cove….

I call this photo “Hell”.  This is looking out their gangway.  Amazing that you can still see light under that storm cloud, isn’t it?  Holy shit – does it get scarier than this?  They were hanging on an anchor….yikes.  They were BOMBED by hail and rain.  Four or five boats near them ended up draggin anchors into shore…not good.  Again, I was tres happy to be in the Mermaid…

We went home on Friday to rejuvenate, do laundry, watch cable TV, take a hot shower, etc.  On Saturday, it was right back out to sea.  We headed over the Hemlock Heading around 3:30PM.  The weather was a perfect “10”, which was really great after a week of very unpredictable weather.  It was bone dry and cool and gorgeous.  We loved it and it was the perfect ending to a great week.  A Bloody Mary, my little guy and a gorgeous sunset.  Amen


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