Miss Gracie sails her first race!

Yes indeedy, Miss Gracie was out there on Sunday in the Louis H. Orr Invitational.  The race ended up being somewhat of a bust as the wind completely died (we were moving backward at one point).  The RC cancelled the race and within 4-5 minutes the wind shifted and started blowing out of the NW.  We sailed back to the dock doing 5.5 knots…..drag.  At least we got a nice sail in.  Here is a shot of our old ’69 Pearson (Loon) who raced alongside Miss Gracie:

Since Larry was sailing Miss Gracie, there may be photos of her taken by someone else, but we don’t have them.  We do have photos of the “Duallies” side by side at the BYC dock.  Ours, of course, is the pretty one!  LOL.  Seriously, we LOVE the eyebrow and rubrail and feel it adds so much beauty to the already gorgeous lines of the boat.

Prior to the race, we did a few more trips – one to Fair Harbor and another to Hemlock.  Here’s Son jumping off the bow sprit:

This weekend we’re having a sleepover at the BYC.  Like a rendezvous, just at the dock instead!  We’ll have full access to the Clubhouse (and bathrooms).  We’re doing a pot luck for dinner.  Friends will bring their firepit and we’ll have a blaze and make some smores.  No one has to drive and if we freeze, we can go into the Clubhouse and sleep by the fire.  Very cool and very fun.  Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “Miss Gracie sails her first race!”

  1. Karl Seidenberg Says:

    There’s Clam Pond! We would rendezvous there quite a bit in the “old days”. Great spot!

  2. That’s where Larry and I fell in love. We have an original Christie Edwards watercolor of it with Joe Young’s Five Bells in the background. It was a wedding present from my siblings.

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