Winter Plans

Jarrett has asked about our plans for the winter.  Not sure of them all but I’m definately going to finish/refinish the brightwork prior to next summer.  Miss Gracie goes to storage just after Thanksgiving and I won’t be able to sand then, so I’ll do what I can before she goes into hibernation.  The buffoon we bought the boat from began refinishing the teak.  He stripped it and applied what appears to be maybe 2 coats of some kind of Cetol.  It didn’t look half bad at the beginning of the summer, but the unfinished project is showing now.  Plus, I have always wanted a boat with finished brightwork.  Loon’s was never refinished and in my opinion it always made the boat look sloppy and uncared for.  It was also splintery and I just plain didn’t like it.  I’ve decided to go with 3 coats of Cetol Natural Teak and then finish it off with 2 coats of Cetol Gloss.  Varnish is just too daunting.  I have a life, thank you.  My inspiration comes from Mikhaya.  Harris Hickman created and maintains the Pearson 35 website.  (Miss Gracie used to be on the welcome page – I’m sad it’s not anymore, but how can I argue with this gorgeous photo of Polly??)  Mikhaya is his Pearson and it is a year older than Miss Gracie.  Is that gorgeous or what?  While the job is a very large one, it’s one that delivers dumptrucks of satisfaction when it’s finished.  This old girl will spend lots of time staring at it with pride.  So.  That’s one goal. 

While in storage, we’ll have the steering checked.  There is some adjusting to be done there.  We also need to fix the refrigerator/freezer.  We’re not sure if the freon is leaking, needs to be added or if we need a new Adler Barbour unit.  If there is any $ left…..we need new hatches.  We could go another season, but they’re in bad shape and that’s not something we want to let go for a long time.  We purchased new screens for the portholes (nice!) and some new lighting, all of which needs to be installed.  We also need new galley and head sink fixtures.  Other than that, you’ll have to ask Larry what he’s got in mind.  I know we talked about a cockpit shower.  We’ve got the space ready and waiting for it.   We’re waiting on new interior cushions.   Ours are in great shape and with this economy, there’s no need to rush.  Like everyone else, there’s always something and we take of these in priority order. 

I’ll be adding some video and photos later as Larry took his camera to work and I didn’t download the photos/video from the weekend.  More to come.  Be good out there.


One Response to “Winter Plans”

  1. Excellent! Thanks!

    And I’ll definitely be spending some time on the P35 site. Beautiful boats!

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