The Boys take Wild Blue II for a ride.

It was blowing 40 knots last Saturday.  So The Boys decided to take Wild Blue II out for a ride.  WBII is a 1963 brick shithouse.  Besides having the great name of Wild Blue, what makes it even greater is that her tender is named Yonder.  Pretty cool, right?  WBII belong’s to our friend Joe’s folks.  She’s been incredibly well maintained and she’s made for heavy weather.  I didn’t realize how hard it was blowing until I went out in the backyard to drag my son in the house for lunch and I looked up the canal to the Bay.  Holy smokes!  There were waves.  Not whitecaps, but waves.  I immediately called Larry on his cell and said, “you aren’t out on the Bay in this are you???”.  He said, “oh yeah and it’s great!  We’re just ripping along!” 

I have to upload the video to YouTube as I don’t know how to get a VideoClip onto WordPress….  In the meantime, here are two photos of sailing and the last photo is Larry’s ultimate fantasy…..The photos don’t really reflect the weather accurately, but you get the idea.

And Larry’s ultimate dream….a ginormous shed large enough to put a boat in.  You can find “sheds” like these along along the southeast shore of Long Island.  Also some pretty amazing boathouses. 


One Response to “The Boys take Wild Blue II for a ride.”

  1. Remember – she aint no Hunter!
    She has more fun in heavy winds under mizzen & storm jib than under full sail on a nice summer day.
    We might not be fast but we’ll get there!
    J Mulle WBII

    PS We had a wind gust of 48 kts

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