What I failed to mention.

Ayup.  I failed to mention that on our glorious sail last Saturday, the engine was not right upon the start up to head home.  Nope.  Something was a definately wrong.  Larry quickly figured out it was the exhaust which had sheered off.  Yikes.  So we quickly headed in.  The nice part of this story is that we finally hooked up with someone who takes pride in his work and knows the value of truly excellent customer service.  Are you ready?  That would be Dave from Silver Cloud Marina in Forked River, New Jersey.  We can’t say enough good things about Dave or his marina and staff.  Dave had his mechanic, Mike, who also installed our Yanmar, drive all the way up here with an assistant.  They arrived at 9:15 yesterday morning and fixed the broken exhaust right in our backyard.  Additionally, they did the 50 hour engine check too.  I can hardly believe that last Saturday we were like, “F**K!!!!”  (pardon my potty mouth) and today, 4 days later, we’re golden.  Dave for prez.

Larry kept his cool throughout, I was really proud of him.  We both realize that there are usually kinks to work out with things like these.  It wasn’t the end of the world and in fact, it was probably the best case scenario when you think about it.  A)  It was November 1st, not July 15th and B)  We were literally at the top of our canal, not heading out of Sailor’s Haven.  So, all in all, a good thing even if a little hiccup.


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