Veteran’s Day at the Lighthouse

I’m almost embarrassed to tell you that as a life long New Yorker, there are a few “New York” things I have never done!  One of these things (and the most embarrassing to me) is not ever having climbed to the top of the Fire Island Lighthouse!  My kids haven’t either.  We’ve been there at least 10 times but just never went to the top.  I have also never been to the Statue of Liberty nor have I been to the top of the Empire State Building.  But today was the day for the Lighthouse.  Larry took off from work and it was gorgeous out, so off we went.  To get there, we drive over the Robert Moses Causeway and park in Field 5 Beach parking lot.  Then we have a lovely boardwalk that takes us all the way there! 


This is fairly new.  We used to have to walk along the Burma Road (heavy sigh….).  The Burma Road is a LONG sandy dirt road that is very tiring to walk along.  It goes from Field 5 at RM State Park all the way to the end of Fire Island.  I have walked it many times – mostly at night and mostly when I was drunk.  It was never pleasant although there was always tons of fun happening prior to our journey’s on the Burma Road.  It is the road that Fire Island residents use to drive on and it is concrete in a lot of places, but it used to be just dirt for a long time.  Okay, back to our day.  The kids were kind of nervous about going to the top.  They didn’t know what to expect and their loser native Long Island parents had never done it before either, so we were both nervous and excited.  Here we are closing in.


As we got closer we could see folks on the catwalk and they began waving at us which the children loved. 


The next few photos are the kids as Popeye and Olive Oyl, the kiddies leaning against the Lighthouse and then photos from the top, some of which will get an explanation.



Here’s the money shot of the day:  This is looking east.  That’s the Atlantic on the right and the Great South Bay on the left.  Down the beach is Kismet, Saltaire, Fair Harbor, Dunewood, Lonelyville and on….


This is looking south out into the Atlantic.  It’s especially clear and beautiful.  There’s the Burma Road.  It’s kind of hard and gravelly there – it gets worse.  Trust me.  I may need a nap thinking about it.  Yikes.


This is looking west towards Manhattan.  You used to be able to see the Towers on a day like this before 9/11.


And here we are.


Larry took some good video that will take some time to upload to YouTube.  I’ll post it once it is there.  Be good out there.


One Response to “Veteran’s Day at the Lighthouse”

  1. so cool! I haven’t been up there yet either, so I remain lame…

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