Lighthouse Video

Larry’s camera is just plain great.  It takes better than average photos AND it takes really good video for a teeny little thing.  Unfortunately, I lose a lot of clarity in the upload to YouTube, so these are grainy, but you get the idea.   Again, if anyone knows the cure for this, please share the wealth.  Merci!



One Response to “Lighthouse Video”

  1. Love those family pictures. Glad to see you are moving toward video. You may be just what I need as you make your repairs and capture them on video for the web sites. Hint-Hint Folks like pictures but videos are taking us by storm. Wonderful pictures here. Love that light house. Keep up the good work and keep taking those family pictures. We need more happy and functional families showing up in the media.

    Keep going………….
    14 Nov 08
    85 today on the East coast of Florida

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