She kicked some ass.

Miss Gracie was out racing on Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.  It’s the Annual Turkey Race.  20 Boats!!  Larry and the boys (Joe, Jarrett, Carl and sister Paula) were leading the pack heading out to Bay Shore.  They were leading on the way back too….until they got through the bridge.  Many theories emerged as to why they lost speed after that.  They ended up finishing 6th out of 12 boats.  The other 8 went spin.  Here’s Miss Gracie in the lead heading back west towards the bridge.



It gives me some pleasure to tell you that these were taken by Mike Duffy from our old boat Loon (he’s heading east still to round the mark).  We had some awesome rum punch back at our dock when they pulled in.  Marty literally backed down our canal (7 houses in!!!) – I couldn’t believe it.  Like a pro.  He rafted up and had a coupla pops with us.  It took me a few minutes to realized how hammered Pete was!!  Apparently they had been hitting the rum!!  Too funny.


One Response to “She kicked some ass.”

  1. Great stuff to look at on a snowy day!

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