Been a long time since I rocked and rolled….

in my best Robert Plant impersonation….  Yes, I’ve been a slacker.  In blog only.  Life is full and good and oh, so busy.  I’ve begun sanding Miss Gracie’s teak.  I’m halfway through the handrails, eyebrow and combings.  That’s for starters.  This will be refinished first before moving on to the very big and long toe rails and rub rails…..the best laid plans….  I will indeed get to it, I just need sailing lesson and swim team to end! 

Larry begins vacation tonight!  I have beers chilling and am anticipating a nice long week together.  We’ll do some day trips and one or two overnighters.  Not sure where, though it doesn’t really matter.  Chill time.

Before and after photos of the brightwork to come.  

Here are a few fpics rom last weekend’s Anchored Racers Rendezvous at Hemlock Heading.  The O’Connells and the Morgans provided quite nicely.  GROG!!!!!

IMG_1263  IMG_1264



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