Vacation thus far.

Larry began vacation last Friday.  We’ve spent some excellent time at home, the BYC and around town as well as some excellent time at sea.  We began with an overnighter to Hemlock Heading.  We rafted up with Mulle’s and Uncle Dave Hyer’s Filibuster.  Young David (Dave Lite as I like to call him, though he doesn’t much enjoy that…) and his gal Brie came in the inflatable.  Uncle Dave nabbed us mom’s and took us down to The Gilgo Inn (beach blanket bingo baby!!!) for happy hour.  What a gas!  The Gilgo Inn is one of those unmistakably Long Island gems that most people don’t know about.  It’s a hippy-ish, beachside shack with a bar, snack bar and great jukebox.  No indoor seating, outdoor picnic tables.  It’s excellent.  And they make a fine vodka tonic.  Or three.

We came back early Sunday for the Governor’s Cup.  Larry raced on Pete’s Sugar Magnolia and a good time was had by all.  Larry came and got me for the upstairs after party – fun!!  We’re loving 8 and 9.  The kids no longer need us by their sides at every moment.  We can actually leave them at the pool and sit in the Clubhouse (not more than 20 feet away mind you).  So we went to the upstairs deck for beers with all the racers.  Fun! 

Monday was gorgeous and we planned on taking the Flying Scot out.  Gracie had a birthday party and Laurence went to O’Connell’s to play!  We had two hours for a great sail across the bay and up the channel.  We planned on rounding the island, but we realized we should have rounded from the east – never mind!  We just turned around and sailed back.  Delightful.  Karen had the kids sleepover that night and we had chinese food by candlelight upstairs at the Club. 

Tuesday:  RAIN.  RAIN.  Movies.  MORE RAIN.

Wednesday:  Beautiful!!!  Off to Atlantique.  Gorgeous, sunny, ocean was magnificent.  The kids went in at 2:30 and didn’t get out of the ocean until the guards blew their “off duty” whistles at 5:00.  I went in too.  Awesome.  We woke up this morning to super shitty weather – pea soup fog, chilly, blowing, just plain YUCKY.  We didn’t even bother with Joe.  Coffee could wait until we got home.  We cleaned up and pulled out.  Once we got through the channel, Larry put out the jib and we were FLYING!!!!  The east wind and tide had us going very fast!  Laurence skippered us through the bridge which was a thrill for him.  Smiling all the way. 

Home now and glad we’re here.  Chilling, drying out, relaxing.  We’ll see what the weather holds for tomorrow.  If it’s nice we’ll head out to Hemlock Heading tomorrow, otherwise bright and early Saturday.  There’s a cruising club rendezvous that I think is going to be great fun.  The hosts have put together a band of sorts and they have been practicing for months.  They plan on using amplifiers!!!  At a raft up!!!  All the music is right up my alley – Mostly CSNY and 70’s rock – Eagles, Jackson Browne, etc…  They’re planning to start playing at 4:00pm in the afternoon.  They’re certainly going to shake up Hemlock!!!  I think it’s going to be a gas.   Photos and updates to come….perhaps even video!


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