Vacation, day two

Greetings!  Larry began vacation (again!) on Friday.  We had an incredible night.  Kiddies went to see Footloose with Aunt Karen and Larry and I had Thai food and Vodka Tonics down at the BYC.  Friday was probably the nicest day of the summer and Friday night was amazing as well.  Full moon, light winds….magnificent! 

Yesterday was sort of errand day, begin packing up the boat and see the cousins day.  Larry’s sister and her kids are here.  I took Gracie and Laurence to swim at Larry’s folks.  Larry put new spark plugs in the Mako’s engine.  Then we all went down to the Club.  Larry took the group out on our Flying Scot.  Laurence and I stayed at the pool and chilled.  They had a great time.  Nice, stiff breeze, they went across the bay and under the bridge.  Nice!

Last night was my fave party of the year, the Clambake!  It never disappoints.  We had a BALL!!!!  My brother and his wife came, along with my cousins Bob & Eileen.  We had many laughs and I danced my little tootsie’s off!  Of course, we missed Sandralee and Pete, but a good time was had by all. 

So today?  I don’t mind the weather at all.  It’s cloudy and yucky and we’re waiting it out to see if we leave today or tomorrow.  That is the nice thing about vacation.  No boundaries, no deadlines.  Who cares?  No work and we’re all togethah!!!!  We’re not even decided on where we’re headed yet.  Playing it as it comes.  I love it.  In any case, we are headed to Fire Island, just not sure if it’s going to be Sailors Haven or Atlantique.  There are benefits to both.  We have 3 or 4 different friends who’ll be at Atlantique for the week and they have a playground.  Sailors Haven has intense natural beauty, the Nature Center and the Sunken Forest.  It’s a win/win. 

While I took a solid dose of Advil last night prior to sleep and I have no headache today, I still feel a tad hungover.  Like I need a nap.  I think I’ll lay down for a tad before I begin the loading of Miss Gracie.  Hope the sun is shining near you!


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