Miss Gracie August Vacation Film Festival

We had another week of vacation last week.  We did many different things, all fun.  Two days in Sailors Haven, a day in Atlantique, a weekend in Hemlock, day trips, out to dinner and the BYC Clambake.  Here are some videos of the highlights:

We took the kids on an adventure.  They’ve only been out on the Flying Scot once.  Larry’s been itching to sail it further than just in front of the BYC, which we did on our own a couple of weeks ago.  So the vacation plan was to pack lunch, a chair, fishing net, goodies and an anchor and sail across the bay, under the RM Bridges to One Tree Island. 

Here is Laurence being towed on a boogie board around Hemlock Heading.  What a gorgeous day it was!

Earlier in the week we were at Sailors Haven (my favorite locale on Fire Island).  The ocean was perfect for the kids to boogie board.  Here’s a video of Moon Doggie, Gidget and the Big Kahuna waiting for and catching the perfect wave.


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