Not quite Fall……

Thank God!  While the end of this past week was rather dreery, wet and depressing, Larry and I managed to make some sun shine.  We had a lovely Friday night with the kiddies after their first week of school.  Saturday was busy with play dates and errands and Saturday night we went to the Good Samaritan Ball!  It was wonderful.  It was like going to the prom.  Larry was so great – he danced with me like crazy!!!!  Not just the slow stuff either.  He ramped it all the way up.  It was so much fun!!!  I just loved it.  Karen & Rich took the kiddies for the night which was an added bonus. 

Yesterday brought the good weather back.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  There was adult sailing going on and Pete & Sandralee offered to sit with the kiddies at the pool, so Larry and I got to race the Flying Scot together!  We had a great time and sailed well together.  we were totally in sync.  There were only three teams and the other two attempted to fly spinnakers without a great deal of luck.  Still, we used some good tactics and did just fine.  We ended up taking 4 out of 6 races.  Lots of fun.  A few beers after and then home.  Cinderella was tired after the ball and racing all afternoon.  Kathy O’Brien took some photos and promised to send them to me….I’ll post ’em if I ever get ’em!  Be good out there.


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