Ah. Winter is coming.

Nothing makes a sailor sadder than winter approaching.  Unless, of course, you plan on frostbiting.  I certainly don’t!  But Larry definately does.  So both Miss Gracie and Three Sticks are out of the water and in their safe resting places for the season.  But Twelve is still at the BYC and ready to be sailed!  I’ll post pictures when they come.  In the meantime, I’ll be happy to be home and warm and cozy!

PS  If I could keep the falling snow all winter, I would.  But it’s only until January 4th…..Waaaaaa.  Of course, there is another way to get it on the blog, I just don’t know how.  So enjoy the fluffy stuff while it’s here.  It’s cool, huh??  Hey!  Move your mouse around and you can change the speed and direction.  If only the wind was as accomodating!


2 Responses to “Ah. Winter is coming.”

  1. Well, there’s always sailing to e done over here. Redwing’s staying in, and so I’ll give a call over there when I go. (And so is Ceol na Mara.)

  2. Thanks Jarrett! Larry would like that. He called before, they raced the Scots today and Larry won the First Annual John Bell Cup and the series for the day. He’s pretty psyched. Hey, BIG day is around the corner!! Awesome.

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