Feels like Spring!

Finally, a beautiful, beautiful day!  Oh, it’s glorious out!  Warm sun, shining bright.  We are all lounging like cats in our living room with the sun streaming in.  Laurence’s birthday is Tuesday.  Nine years old!  I can hardly believe it.  He’s quite the little man.  He is his Daddy!  We had his party today at Lazerland.  So much fun!  I even played.  All the kids followed me around shooting me – I barely got in a shot!  The biggest kid chasing me was, of course, my darling husband!!  We’re home now, presents opened and being played with.

Larry and I are going to the SEPTA Moonlight Bowl.  I’ve always wanted to go but it always fell when we were in Florida.  Not this year!  It’s on!  Tomorrow we’ll have family and a few neighbors for some Smokin’ Als for the continuing celebration of Laurence’s 9th.

Instead of Florida, this year we’ve planned a trip to Washington, D.C..  I got us two nights in a fantastic hotel right off the mall.  We’re heading to the National Zoo first.  We MUST see the pandas!!  Then we’ll hit the musuems:  Smithsonians Amerian and Air & Space.  We’ll visit the mint (they just print bills, but still quite interesting) and all the monuments.  Lastly, we’ll go to the Library of Congress and the International Spy Museum.  I can’t wait to be outside walking and exploring!  I think we’ll take a cab ride at night and see all the memorials by moonlight.  All except Vietnam which should be viewed during the day since it’s black.  The Cherry Blossom Festival will be in full swing too.  I’m excited!!

Frostbiting will be over by then and we’ll be getting ready to put Miss Gracie back in the brine.  As it should be.


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