Good things.

We’ve spent the last 3 weekends at the boatyard.  The kids gripe on the way there, but then they find things to do and are pretty good sports about it.  It helps when there’s a Pet Store at the top of the block and they can go look at puppies….. But that’s an entirely different post!  Miss Gracie has been washed, waxed and the rub rail and outer toe rail have been sanded.  I put the first coat of Cetol Natural on the rub rail.  That was Saturday.  It rained yesterday and is looking rather bleak today.  The rest of the week should be okay.  Cetol Natural on Tuesday and Wednesday followed by Cetol Gloss on Thursday and Friday.  Done.  The top side was sanded 90% last fall.  I’ll need to finish sanding and give the teak a good cleaning with Semco two part cleaner.  Then the same drill with the Cetol.  That can all be done in the water.  I’ll post photos.  The Cetol Natural is really nice.  It’s not the usual Cetol “orange” at all.  It’s got a pretty color to it and lets all the grain show through.  I really like it.  I’ll post some photos soon.

We’ve also begun the process of finally getting a name ON our boat!!!  Barbara is very excited!  I found a very fun font that totally expresses everything that is our daughter, Miss Gracie.  This is how it will look except that the background will, of course, be white.

So good things are happening.  I also got some Brasso for the stainless.  Anyone ever use this or have something they think is great for the stanchions, etc.????  That’s all for now.  Photos of gorgeous teak to come!


2 Responses to “Good things.”

  1. Peter O. Says:

    Try Barkeeper’s Friend to polish the SS. It contains Oxalic Acid which removes rust stains from gel coat as well as the SS. Oxalic Acid works without rubbing though BKF contains a mild abrasive. I’d be a little careful about rubbing it on gel coat as I don’t know how much material it will remove and how fine a finish will result.

  2. Thank you!! I appreciate any and all advice.

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