You can’t always get what you want.

Especially in a boat yard.  Maybe I just don’t speak Boatyard?  Can’t tell.  As I mentioned in my previous post, we had been spending some time in the yard working on Miss Gracie.  I spent a few hours there each day for a week refinishing the rub rail.  Three coats of Cetol Natural and two coats of gloss.  It looks great.  It will be beautiful when it’s finished.  The owner asked me about when we were going in the water.  I said, “as soon as you are finished with our hatches and replacing the cowlings.”  NEVER, NOT ONCE did I ever hear him say, “okay, it’s going in this Saturday”.  I didn’t hear him say it because he didn’t.  Saturday afternoon, at 4:45PM, we get a message, “guess you’re not picking up the boat today…..don’t worry, I’ll keep it tied up and you can leave it here for the week.”  Oy.  This is the kind of thing that pisses me off and it’s definitely NOT the thing you want to learn on a day when it’s blowing a steady 30MPH with gusts to 50MPH.  Larry calls, boatyard guy says, “I told your wife”, I yell in background, “NO he didn’t”, boatyard boy backs down and apologizes.  Guess how well we slept that night?  Happy Mother’s Day.  So now the boat is in the water and we still don’t have an effing name on it.  Carl tells me not to worry.  He can do it while sitting on our Mako on a calm day.  Still, it just irks me.  We pay a LOT of money and we hired him to do work for us and still this kind of shit happens.  It’s annoying.  Anyhoo, it’s still nice to see Miss Gracie in the backyard and, at least, now I can get my Meet Joe Black CD off her after a long winter missing it.  So, now it’s time to begin the rest of the teak, or “brightwork”.  I don’t know, I just can’t call it that.  It seems so affected.  To me at least.  I don’t care if anyone else says it, I just feel pretentious when I do.  Silly, huh?  Photos to come!


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