Dinner has finished.

It’s July 5th!!!  Can’t even believe time has gone sooo fast.  Larry was just teasing me about not updating this site.  I protested that indeed I had.  He encouraged me to stop and see that my last post was indeed May…..  Oy.  So, here I am.  As for Miss Gracie, the name has arrived but has yet to be applied to the transom.  The last of the woodwork – the toe rail – has been sanded and is awaiting cleaning.  Then on to the final finishing of the teak.

This was an exciting weekend.  Larry and a friend, Chris Sicignano, and I raced our Flying Scot in the BYC’s 4th of July Regatta.  There were 8 boats in all.  A good fleet.  On the first day, the wind was for shit.  There were holes everywhere and direction changes every two seconds.  We suck in light air.  So, we finished 6th in both.  Then the sea breeze won and the wind picked up.  We posted two 2nds in the last two races.  We were psyched and went home praying for lots of wind on Sunday.  We had some decent wind, but Team Twelve was not up to speed!  One of those days we were just a tad off.  But that “tad” makes a difference.  We finished 4th out of 8 boats overall.  Not bad, but not exactly where we wanted to be.  You just have to chalk it up to winning some/losing some.  Our mechanics are good.  No doubt about that.  It was a great experience and we all had fun.  I must say the experience left me exhausted!  We all slept late today.  It was sooo nice.  The kids had sailing lessons this morning. They each went out with a friend alone on the Blue Jays.  I think they felt quite empowered and seemed to really enjoy the experience.  Afterwards, Gracie and I sat in our blow up pool out on our dock for most of the afternoon.  Laurence flopped on the couch.  Daddy went sailing alone although he returned quickly as it was “too hot and boring”.

This coming weekend will be spent in Hemlock Heading at the Anchored Racers Rendezvous.  We’re all looking forward to a night at sea on Miss Gracie.  It’s been a long time.


2 Responses to “Dinner has finished.”

  1. The pictures of the teak look great; I can’t wait to see it up close. That sure is a damn pretty boat. The pictures I took at the bridge two weeks ago weren’t any good because I was using my telephone (that still amazes me – phones that take pictures and play music) and we were too far away.

    Have fun at Hemlock!

  2. Hey Jarrett! Hope all is well with you both. Redwing is always nice to spot and nice to look at too.

    I just have the toe rail left to do, but the weather hasn’t been very cooperative and summer is almost as busy as school with swim team, sailing lessons, lacrosse camp…..oy.

    Really looking forward to vacation next week. Watch Hill, Sailors Haven adn some Hemlock. Nice!!!

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