….let’s get back to vacation.  Bliss.  Lovely memories.  Aaaaahhh.  I’ll let the following photos show you the highlights.  It may take two posts…let’s see.  We had a beautiful 2.5 hour sail to Watch Hill on Sunday afternoon.  It was pretty empty when we got there and we didn’t mind a bit.  It was lovely.  Watch Hill is just beautiful.

The above photo was taken from the cockpit of our boat looking south.  It was about 6PM.  The next is looking west.  You can see the distant beginning of the weather front.  It was really cool….keep going….

This was pretty amazing and it just kept getting closer and closer!


This cloud eventually rolled over us with no rain but some fantastic lightning.  Very cool.

The following photo was taken by Larry.  It is the Burma Road.  It’s a road that runs pretty much the length of Fire Island.  It starts at Field 5 at Robert Moses State Park and then continues all the way to Smith Point.  It’s mostly sand but is occasionally covered with some concrete here and there through some fire island towns and parks. I’ve walked the sandy part waaaaaayyyy too many times all kinds of drunk.  Pre-children, of course!  

Here’s our yawl sitting in the Watch Hill marina.


Then it was off to Sailors Haven, or Heaven.  It’s a small marina and it’s neat and clean and just beautiful.  While we spent two days there, we didn’t go through the Sunken Forest this trip.  We went to the beach and also swam quite a bit in the Bay.  Here we are on our way to the ocean.

Son and Daughter twilight swimming in the Bay with their new friend Miss Fran, a 4th grade teacher who just LOVED them.

Finally – one more fantastic storm shot.  On our last night at Sailor’s Haven………THIS!!!!

It’s bark was worse than it’s bite – Very little rain, but lots of amazing lightning followed by stiff (20-25 knots) wind for the rest of the night and next day.  This made for a tricky departure, but we handled it without mishap.  It also made for a wet ride home with the motor running. 

Since we’ve been home, we’ve been to Hemlock for a weekend.  That’s another post!

The kids and I are off to various errands getting ready for tomorrow’s departure.  We’re going back to Sailor’s Haven until Sunday.  Nice!!!  Enjoy your week.


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