Two trips to Hemlock Heading

One was a day trip with Gracie, Caroline (my brother’s daughter), Laurence and Anthony (Laurence’s BFF).  We headed out early and spent the whole day.  We had a gorgeous sail home!

Anthony and Laurence on the bow sprit on the sail over.


And the other was an overnighter.  We rafted up with Joe & Christine, Sally & Billy and newcomers Daisy & Roger on their “new” Morgan 30, Canada Goose.  It’s kind of an amazing thing about boat history here on the South Shore.  This boat used to belong to Jim & Mary Grover.  They sold it to the Ewings and now it belongs to the Holzmachers.  Our old boat (boat prior to Miss Gracie) will always be known as Loon or “Louie Orr’s boat”, even though we owned the boat 6 years longer than Louie ever did.  He had it for 11, we had it for 17 and now it belongs to Mike Duffy.

It was wonderful having them along.  Gracie had Grace H. to hang out with.  The three L’s hung out together – Laurence, Lainie and Lizzie.  We had a great time.  Here are my Grace and Grace H. (can’t see her) hiding in the v-berth of our boat and telling us to leave them alone!

Here are Bryan and Chris sweeping me away to Happy Hour at the rendezvous raft up!

And here’s Joe (with Joe Fro) hanging out late night with Larry and his camera.

It was a fun weekend!


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