Louis Orr Invitational

The 18th Louis Orr Invitational was held yesterday.  I never met the man.  He died right after my father and my mother and Louis’ wife became friends.  Larry ended up buying Louis’ boat (we were not married yet).  We owned the Loon for 17 years which was 6 years longer than the 11 years Louis owned it.  We sold it 3 years ago and it is still pretty much called Louis Orr’s boat.  Very funny.  Apparently, he was quite a character.  He loved sailing and encouraged many to get involved.  He was Commodore of the BYC in the late 50’s and was instrumental in the founding of the SBCC.  After he died, the Club founded the Louis Orr Invitational in his honor.  Here’s Miss Gracie headed west to the RM Bridge:

Laurence raced with Larry, Pete, Carl and Matt Shook.  They finished 10th out of 14.  Mike Duffy’s Loon (Louis’ boat) beat out Miss Gracie!!  Just wait til next year!  Anything is better than DFL.  There was a really nice party after and Larry and I had a great time just hanging out with friends.  The kids had a ball having the run of the Club after the party broke up. It was a good time!


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