Sunday, Sunday..

It’s beautiful out!  Gorgeous, sunny day.  Larry’s down at the Club helping to winterize.  I’m going to pull all my perennials…can you believe I have had magnificent impatiens until the end of October????  My geraniums in the window boxes are still blooming….they can stay another week!  I have begun tackling the laundry room, which has been a catch all for just about everything… steps, but I’ve made a pretty big dent this week.  My goal is to have everything in order and painted (bedroom, dining room and kitchen) by mid december.  I think that is a reasonable goal.  It may not be met, but I’ll give it a try.

Larry and Laurence went out on the Mako yesterday for a awhile.  Upon arriving home, Larry immediately went out on Miss Gracie.  He ended up rafting up just off the Club with Marty & Posse.  Last licks.  The rest of us have no desire to sail in the cold.  I certainly don’t.  Folks keep asking me to join the Frostbiters this winter….NO THANK YOU.  I’ll stay home by the fire all warm and cozy.

Went to a friend’s for dinner last night which was really nice.  Delicious meal, good wine and fun company.  LOTS of laughs and I need that.  The extra hour of sleep this morning was delicious.  Okay, enough procrastination.  Time to pull the flowers and other such life chores….hope it’s sunny near you.  (Rain is coming back for a visit tomorrow……)



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