Before I get to my dilemma, I want to update you on the Beef Bourguignon.  It was delicious!!  Is Julia Child’s better?  Absolutely – there is a depth of flavor that comes from the bacon and cooking the veggies in the beef drippings.  No doubt.  However….this was really, really good!  I would do this again in a heartbeat but without skipping the bacon and onions.  I noticed no difference by substituting ketchup, garlic powder, etc….  I would also use a better bottle of wine – our neighbor gave us a bottle of Wrongo Dongo (how freaking funny!) which is a cheapo bottle of red.  I would step it up a bit and use a pinot noir.

Okay – on to my doggie dilemma:

If you asked me even 10 years ago if I would ever have a dog, the answer would have been an unequivocal NO!  Well, things change.  We (me really) are on the hunt for a new addition to our family.  Nothing we ever do is easy.  Our family consists of  four seriously strong minds and opinions.  I want a Havanese.  The kids just want a cute, fluffy love ball.  Larry wants a dog that is not entirely white, can run a bit and isn’t so small he wants to kick it.  So I am going back and forth now between buying a poodle mix and a pure havanese.  I would be very happy with a poodle mix except that there are only about 1% of “breeders” who responsibly breed the mixes.  99% come from puppy mills.  I really don’t want to support that for starters.  Secondly, the doggies from the mills are pretty expensive anyway.  My heart keeps going to the Havanese.  I don’t want to get a puppy that I don’t absolutely adore just because it’s $700 cheaper.  It’s going to be part of our family and hopefully for a good, long time.

I’m taking the kids to see some cockapoo puppies tomorrow.  They’re black and white (which I love), but the photos weren’t so cute….of course, they’re photos and nothing is like seeing them in real life.  The woman who has them is a local, responsible breeder and we know 3 families who have cockapoos from her.

I’m also waiting to here from a Havanese breeder about a gorgeous chocolate and cream Havanese…..

Like a fiddler on the roof……  Here’s the part where you (anyone?  Bueller) chime in and give me advice……:)


8 Responses to “Quandary…”

  1. R. Sherman Says:

    Best family dog in the world: Golden Lab.


  2. Heinz 57, baby!

    Over my almost 50 years I have pretty much always had a dog and I would have to say that the best ones have always come from the pound.

  3. You’re doggie light years ahead of me Randall. Looking at the words Golden Lab makes my tummy hurt! Ha ha. Too big and too playful… Plus – we live in a house that is only 1700 square feet.

    I may have found my dream come true…..keep you posted… Let’s see some pictures of your doggie!! Can’t wait to show you mine when I get him.

  4. R. Sherman Says:

    I/we haven’t had a dog in 20 years. My wife doesn’t want another one.

    BTW, when we had our big dog (husky/shepherd mix), we lived in a small house. The dog did fine.


  5. It’s not the dog I’m worried about……it’s me!! I’m going to start small and who knows what the future will bring???

  6. Back from seeing the cockapoo (the female was sold already). Very cute, but I wasn’t in love and the father was HUGE. I feared I would watch this puppy grow with a tummy ache fearing his future size….. He’s out. Onto Mario the Havanese on Saturday.

  7. Our little dog ended up being over a hundred pounds and almost tall enough for the boys to ride. She’s been a pretty wonderful dog though and is rather superb at “suggesting” solicitors and other peoples go try another house!

  8. Again, missed all your comments – just found em. Thanks for coming by!!! I’m loving the company.

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