Revelation? Epiphany?

It’s not important what to call it.  What is important is a realization and decision I have come to today.  I can deal with almost anything.  I need to put my mind right to it and not let anyone or anything interfere.  Simply put, I have been reminded of one of my old favorites:  To thine own self be true.  Easier said than done.  Of that I am well aware.  Doesn’t mean you can’t keep trying.  Today will be a good day because I am making a choice that a good day is what I want!

Moving on, the Mako is out of the water and propped up in our backyard.  Miss Gracie will be brought around to the boatyard on Sunday after one last sail on Saturday.  The hauling of the boats always marks Winter for us.  I’m always okay with that.  Larry?  Not so much.  Although Frostbiting has greatly improved his winter mood.

That’s all for now.  Be well!



3 Responses to “Revelation? Epiphany?”

  1. I’m reminded of my favorite poetic couplet from German poetry, a two line portion of a sonnet, written in the 1600’s by an East Prussian Lutheran poet named Paul Fleming.

    “Wer sein selbst Meister ist, und sich beherrschen kann,
    Dem ist die Weite Welt und alles untertan.”

    Translated: He who is true to himself and can control himself, to him is the World subject.


  2. That’s the truth. Thank you for that. I’d never heard that before.

  3. Irritatingly, Blogger doesn’t support trackback.

    The difference between Shakespeare’s version and Fleming’s is that in Hamlet the result is expressed in terms of how you treat other people, “thou canst not then be false to any man”, whereas Fleming appears to be about power and dominance over others. A predecessor of Nietzsche and his ‘will to power’, perhaps?

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