Teenage Dream

Funny – this song has caught my attention like no other in a very long time.  For me it perfectly describes new love – so consuming, intoxicating.  Awesome.  Love it.  Love this version even more.  BTW – It’s sung by Darren Criss and the a cappella group singing all the amazing harmony and back up behind him are the Beezlebubs from Tufts University.  Turn it up!


4 Responses to “Teenage Dream”

  1. I really like this song too, though I think that this version misses the point. It’s not about teenage love at all.

    It must have been really cool to be in the studio working on this album, though. Both this song and California Girls must have been obvious hits when they heard them

  2. There are a few songs from my early college years which invoke those “first love” feelings, including a couple by Dan Fogelberg, who may be before your time.


  3. No, not before my time – I’m 49 Randall!! Aren’t we close to the same age? I loved Dan too – Part of the Plan is one of my faves! Auld Lang Syne is one of my sad favorites of his.

  4. Hey Easy!! Thanks for visiting. I somehow was missing these comments and now have em back on. Thanks.

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