My Birthday Girl!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACIE!!!!!  My little girlie girl is ELEVEN years old today….Where does the time go?  She’s so beautiful, kind, imaginative – I could go on and on.  Mostly, she’s a great kid and we adore her.

PS – Puppy is coming Saturday!!!!


5 Responses to “My Birthday Girl!!!!”

  1. The perfect age. They’re still needy enough to like their parents before the taint of adolescence touches them and turns them into nightmares until they go off to college.

    Happy Birthday to her!


  2. Thank you Randall. I will treasure all these years as I am too keenly aware of what our angels turn into once those teenage years hit…. I’m guessing it’s why God created booze?

  3. My dear Barbie
    oh girl that pup will make your head spin and fill your
    heart with joy like you have never know. Can’t wait
    to meet your Finn!!!
    you are still my idol forever

  4. Congratulations! It amazes me that our kids grow up despite all of the bad parenting decisions we’ve made (at least my wife and I have made!). And getting a puppy is awesome!

  5. Just discovered all your comments – thanks for visiting and y’all come back now, ya here??? Finn video coming soon!

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