Yippee!!!!!!! The snow has begun to fall on WordPress!!!!

And here is our little Christmas doggie.  Yes, it’s doggie torture time.  Do not fret.  This dog will be spoiled rotten in no time despite our attempts to make him look like the Grinch’s assistant!  Now let me go find those antlers…..


6 Responses to “Yippee!!!!!!! The snow has begun to fall on WordPress!!!!”

  1. Cute dog. I hope he doesn’t bark a lot.


  2. They say, that small dogs are the best home alarm system around. Now all you need is a 12 gauge with 00 buckshot to complete the package.

    But then, I’m just a recalcitrant Ozark hillbilly.


  3. I know I’ve left comments to this post, but they seem to have disappeared.

    You’ll be falling in love with that pup before you know it, if you’ve not done so already.


  4. Oh, it’s love (minus the housebreaking part….). We went into NYC yesterday and I was just itching to get home – I was so worried we had left him too long!!! We had our neighbors come over and love him up, but still….He’s my baby!!

  5. Yeah, apparently I had THIRTEEN comments pending!!!! Didn’t know it. I’m not so lonely after all!! Anyhoo, I figured out what to do and here they are. Thank you!!!! I’ll be posting my cutie pie doggie shortly.

  6. Cute little puppy! And I love the snowfall! I wish I could do this on my Blogger blog!

    My kids keep asking for all kinds of pets for Christmas but we’re not getting any more mouths to feed this time around!

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