Well, well, well….

I had lots of comments pending and had no idea.  Here I was thinking Randall was my only visitor and I have had 4 or 5 others stop by!  Thanks for visiting.  It’s real nice to have folks comment on your posts.  Otherwise, it’s kind of lonely.  One of my visitors is a local fellow, Karl Seidenberg.  Karl, we’ve never met but I’ve known of your family for years.  I’m also good pals with your cousin, Liza.  Someday we’ll meet – especially since you have the most beautiful boat on the Great South Bay – the Timber Point, Widgeon.  She’s just magnificent:

On the boating front, Miss Gracie is safely in the boatyard for the winter.  This year, she will have her name put on come hell or high water!  Frostbiting at the BYC has begun and the sailors have had THREE outings and it’s still only December!  Larry is, of course, loving the winter sailing.  It’s nice for him to get to sail through winter (especially without me!!).  I don’t sail much after October.  Too damn cold.  I have a lovely, warm house and plenty to do in it.

I went in to NYC today.  Genetic testing for the BRCA 1 mutation.  My sister has stage 3C ovarian cancer and tested positive for the mutation.  So all of us siblings and my mother get tested too.  My mother came back positive so we now know it comes from her and can let my cousins know as they have daughters.  So far, my oldest sister and my brother came back negative.  We’re now waiting for sister 3’s results and then mine.  I must say that Sloan Kettering is an amazing place.  These are some special, gifted folks.  In addition to being brilliant, they are amazingly kind, compassionate and just plain wonderful.  For a place that you would think is so very sad, they are some pretty light giving folks.  Kind of cool, really.  Anyhoo, you’ll hear more when I know.  You can count on that.

Lastly, I have some staggeringly good news.  My sister’s CA125 level (measures cancer cells) went from over 500 prior to surgery, to 270 after surgery to…..drumroll please……37!!!!!!  Folks at Sloan are amazed and giddy.  We are over the moon.  As my sister wrote to us and friends, “Christmas miracle?  The power of prayer is STRONG!  It’s going to be a GREAT Christmas!!!!”  Indeed, it is.  Amen.


5 Responses to “Well, well, well….”

  1. Great news for your sister. I’m sure the prayers and well-wishes were not for naught.

    BTW, that’s a gorgeous boat. What kind is it? Very cool lines.


  2. Barbara Schaefer Says:

    It’s a Timber Point. It’s called that because they were built by members of the Timber Point Yacht Club here on Long Island. I think there were about 30 of them built. Pretty amazing when you think about members of a tiny yacht club building 30 incredibly gorgeous boats. I also believe there are only about 3 or 4 left. Karl Seidenberg is the owner of this one and it is a beauty.

  3. Nutsy Fagan Says:

    Someone, namely a little eleven year old girly girl, has been playing on Mommy’s computer….

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