Nutsy’s Photo Friday

I was going to write about something on my mind that is not so attractive, but in the spirit of Christmas, I have erased said entry.  It’s the time for forgiveness, humility and thankfulness.  Glad I caught myself before I ended up on the naughty list.

How about a beautiful photo of my tree instead.  Maybe I should make Nutsy’s Photo Friday?  Why not?  I’m posting two photos.  My tree (yep, no skirt due to little puppy in the house) and the Rockefeller Center Tree (cuz it’s an awesome photo…).  Happy Friday.


2 Responses to “Nutsy’s Photo Friday”

  1. Believe it or not, I still need to get a tree.

    Oy. I’m so far behind. And don’t even ask me about presents.


  2. Randall, not to worry. My tree is fake and if it makes you feel any better, we only put it up on Sunday. Usually, since it is fake, I put it up the day after Thanksgiving (or as close as I can without Larry flipping out on me!). You probably get a real tree. We wouldn’t get ours until the weekend before Christmas, so you are not late at all!!!! And, dear – I bought EVERY SINGLE GIFT online in one day. There’s hope!!!

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