Festivus and other happenings.

Taking a break at the moment…..We had Santa at the Lagoon this morning.  Poor Santa couldn’t come by boat this year as the ice in the canal & lagoon were a bit too much for the S.S. Santa.  Instead, he arrived standing up in the back of a pick up truck!  Funny – all the kids were looking down the canal to the bay waiting for the first glimpse of Santa.  They heard a horn beeping and there he was in the truck.

After this, it was time for Festivus at the In Laws.  It was quite nice this year, I must say.  Everyone played nice, food was good and the kids, as always, have a ball.  We have a black tie party at a friend’s tonight.  So, the kids are with the cousins and Larry and I are home chilling on the couch (and computer) for a while before we get dressed to go.  I promised I wasn’t going to have a cocktail today but….there were Bloody Mary’s….two please.  I’ll bounce back later.  Aileen always has a fabulous bartender who makes deelish cosmopolitans.  Mmmmmmm.  Yes, there will be a headache and dry mouth tomorrow morning.

In other news, my niece is buying Finn’s sister!!!!!!  I am flabbergasted and incredibly excited.  First of all, I am THRILLED for my niece.  She’s such a sweetie and has always wanted a dog.  Second, I’m thrilled for all of us as a family.  It’s a new and exciting turn for us and the dogs bring a lot of joy.  I’m completely flabbergasted because I never, ever thought Jeanie and Peter would have a dog in their home.  Jessica lives at home.  Jeanie is my sister who is sick.  I’m also thrilled because I think this will be a wonderful thing for my sister.  I had no idea the love and magic a dog can bring until we brought Finn home.  Don’t know if I mentioned that Laurence’s friend Nicholas’s family bought Finn’s brother!!!  Between us, Nick’s family and now my niece, we will have half the litter!!!  I’m very happy about the whole thing.  Jess is picking Lexie up tomorrow night!!!  It was the weirdest thing to get a call from Jess and Jeanie from PetSmart asking me all kinds of questions about what to buy!!!  Love it.  Of course photos of puppy siblings will come sometime this week for sure. (Got a photo of luscious Lexie this morning – Here she is:)

Tomorrow morning will be breakfast Festivus with all the cousins again.  Then, most of them go home.  A few will still be here.  I’m thinking of taking them ice skating.  They’re from North Carolina and I don’t imagine they get to do much of that.  We’ll see.


2 Responses to “Festivus and other happenings.”

  1. Sounds like a busy day. I hope you had aspirin on hand.


  2. It was better than usual. I had it in my head prior to beginning the event that I was going to have fun. There would be no “feats of strength” (aka battles of the will) and I would not participate in any “airing of grievances”. BTW, Festivus on Seinfeld is one of my all time favorite episodes.

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