Ready for an Ugly Christmas???

My SIL and BFF, Karen, throws an “Ugly Christmas” party every year.  We break out our ugliest Christmas sweaters and hunt down the ugliest Christmas ornament we can find.  She serves Little Debbie snack cakes, chips and onion dip and there is always a can of CheezWiz on the table.  I found an awesome fleece in Kohl’s for $12.99, complete with Christmas “embellishment”.  I also found an ornament that might finally be in the running for ugliest.  Check it out:

Do you like my walnut earrings?????

Ornament: “Gee, I wonder if I am the ugliest???”


2 Responses to “Ready for an Ugly Christmas???”

  1. My 81 year old mother takes the cake for ugly Christmas sweaters as gifts. Unfortunately, she’s not being ironic.


  2. It was the tightest contest yet for ugliest ornament!! Seriously, we had a terrible time deciding who won. The final decision went to a disturbing looking monkey holding an umbrella while sitting on a brown rock. It also had weird ribbons hanging from the bottom. Very fun night.

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