This is what happens when your 11 year old films your event.

We had an amazing Christmas!!!!  I don’t have the words to tell you how beautiful it was.  My sister’s counts are low, we have Finn, Jess has Lexie and to top it all off, Kristin (my niece – Jeanie’s daughter) got engaged Christmas morning.  Her boyfriend took a 1am train from Boston and woke her up Christmas morning on one knee and proposed.  Wonderful.

I had everyone to my house and it was just great.  We had appetizers by the fire, a delicious meal, we hung out, the puppies played (sort of…more like a street fight!) and then we went outside and sent 9 Wish Lanterns into the sky.  I surprised my family with these.  I bought one for each family to send up.  Our neighbors bought 5 too.  Our plan was for 5:15pm.  Our neighbor, Carl, called and asked if we had read the instructions which stated we were supposed to let the Coast Guard know……um.  Nope, didn’t read that part.  Being the catholic school girl that I am, I had to call the Fire Island Station.  I got a woman first.  We chatted and then she asked me how high they went.  I said a mile and was immediately put on hold and then was transferred.  Being put on hold and transferred is never a good sign.  Especially when you are directly in the international flight pattern line to JFK.  We were a tad anxious.  When I finally got put through, the gentleman was just lovely.  He told us it was a go, to have a Merry Christmas and thanked me for giving them the heads up.  Whew!!!  We went outside at 5:30 and sent our Christmas wishes into the air.

I have some photos too….but Miss Gracie’s video is pretty funny.  The camera turns in which ever direction her head does.  The lanterns are fantastic – you’ll be able to at least get the idea from her video.  Try not to throw up.


2 Responses to “This is what happens when your 11 year old films your event.”

  1. That’s a neat idea. I may steal it for New Years.


  2. You should, it’s really something special. Take pictures if you do!!!!! It’s definitely going to become a tradition here. I’m going to try and get more neighbors to join in next year.

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