Too much fun…

The season began back on the 11th when we had our party. Super fun. Great friends, yummy food and Frosty the Drunken Snowman cocktails out of the Frozen Concoction Maker. Excellent. The next weekend was Aileen’s party. Aileen’s is just beautiful. It’s not rowdy or wild, it’s just beautiful from start to finish. Five days later, we went to a surprise party for a friend at Sea Levels…holy cow, that was a party!! 80 people, cosmopolitans, Double Espresso shots and lots of laughs. Very next night was Christmas Eve at my brothers. Followed by 16 for dinner here Christmas Day. Last night was my Book Club Christmas party and tomorrow night is Mary Catherine & Peter’s party, followed by New Year’s at James & Susan’s…… I had half a glass of wine last night which was good. I don’t need a thing to drink with these girls. OMG, we just laugh our asses off. We have the perfect little group and we’re going on 6 years now!!! NO new members please. Cuz’ we’re amazing….just the way we are!! So today is a day of rest….sort of….we’re taking Finn up to see Lexie and then some sledding. We went ice skating yesterday and that was just great. We all got new skates for Christmas. It’s amazing what a different sharp skates make. Last random, all over the page thought….have I become profilic? Seems I cannot blog enough these days. 🙂


3 Responses to “Too much fun…”

  1. You know, when your drinking and carousing interferes with blogging, you’ve got a problem.

    Cheers. (Hic)

  2. At a time when many bloggers, including me, seem to be struggling to post, prolific is good. It seems that life is good for you too, which is even better. Long may it last. Carry on having a great time, and carry on sharing the enjoyment with the rest of us – then we enjoy it too.

  3. Thank you to you both, my faithful blog friends. Life IS good right now and I’m going with it. I know that this too shall pass, life being cyclical in its nature. You’ve just got to ride the wave when it comes.

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