Loving the snow.

We went sledding yesterday! I even went down the hill with Gracie on our old Flexible Flyer sled, which, by the way, was the fastest sled on the hill. Soooo funny – Laurence wouldn’t go on it because it was so old looking. Well, Gracie had no problem with this and off she went. Plus, it has a long rope on it so Larry could pull it and then whip her down the hill. Once Laurence saw the speed and control, he said, “Gracie, can I have a turn on that one???”  Ha ha ha.


Before sledding we went up to Jeanie’s so that Finn & Lexie could play.  They were more evenly matched yesterday than on Christmas.  On Christmas, Lexie kicked Finn’s ass.  Finn had been away from the pack for a month and Lexie had just left her four other brothers.  Finn took a beating.  Not yesterday.  They actually played really well.  We visited with my niece and her new fiance – they set a date!  August 13th is the wedding.  We’re all so excited, it’s just wonderful.  It’s funny how my faith can go up and down – I question when things go wrong and then am so extremely grateful when things are good.  Things are good right now.

We have a dog trainer coming today.  We have a two hour session and I hope that this will help us all get on the same page with Finn’s training.  Whipser away trainer!!  Otherwise, our mission is to go out and get Finn a coat or sweater.  It’s just a bit too cold for him outside right now.  He’s such a wee thing.  We have a few other things to pick up too.  Tonight is another party.  I really enjoy this one.  It’s at Larry’s cousins and we see a lot of people we don’t normally see.  It’s very cozy and relaxed.  Plus, Sandralee & Pete were invited this year, so that is an added bonus!


2 Responses to “Loving the snow.”

  1. After a white Christmas, it is now 55 degrees and the snow is gone. Also, my sinuses are inflamed.

    Happy New Year, I guess.


  2. Yeah, my sinuses are a mess as well. Nothing a big, fat Sudafed can’t cure!!

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