I’ve had enough of the holidays.  I’m hungover, I have a sinus headache/cold and I have eaten far too much!!!  I may as well have been on a cruise this past week…..  Tonight is New Year’s.  Oy.  We’re going to Larry’s brother’s house which will be nice and low key.  I can’t take anymore partying!!  It’s diet coke for me tonight.  And I need a decent night’s sleep.  I’m sleeping in Junior’s room tonight – I’m snoring like crazy with this cold and keeping Larry up.  Every time he nudges me to roll over I wake up – it’s just not good.  Tonight – my own little bottom bunk.  All alone with no one to nudge me.  Laurence doesn’t wake up at all, so this should work.

I’ve got a major league Sudafed buzz going right now.  I don’t like it at all, but on the other hand, I don’t have a headache and I can breathe.

Finn has begun his full on crate training and is doing well so far.  Pooping and peeing outside.  Hurray.  We’ve done away with the wee wee pads and his pen.  Now it’s his crate and outside.  Finn LOVES being outside.  It’s very cute.  The trainer came yesterday and gave us lots of good advice.  She was astonished that we have him sitting/staying/coming already.  She showed us some things to get him used to the leash and how to train him to follow the “leave it” command.   She was great with the kids too.  It was a very useful session – two hours for $50.  I think that is a bargain.  So now it’s up to us.  We’re all on the same page which is a huge help.

Gracie wants to go skating again today….  Larry is taking Laurence to see Harry Potter.  I would love to go to the movies, but Grace has no desire.  Hopefully I feel a bit better by the time we’re ready to skate…  It will probably be a good way to wear off some of this pseudoephedrine buzz.  I hope.  That’s all for now….  Happy New Year to all.  Enjoy your evening and you have my best wishes.


2 Responses to “Done.”

  1. It’s diet coke for me tonight.


    Happy New Year anyway.


  2. LOL. Tease all you want. You can have a cocktail for me.

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