Sweet Saturday.

2:37pm as I begin to write.  I’ve had a really good night’s sleep.  I had a lovely morning with my puppy and family.  It’s gray and it is supposed to snow again!  My laundry is almost done and still going.  Gracie and I just took Finney for a walk.  He’s great – 98% of the time he heels and just cruises along….as long as I am holding the leash!  Gracie tried, but Finn just wants to walk next to Mama.  Don’t I just love that?  Uh huh!!!  We’ll try having Grace walk him by herself a little later.

It’s good to be Finn.  Larry sent me a text last night (from upstairs) – it was a pic of Finn out in the snow and it said, “When it snows all the world’s your toilet.”  LOL.  Finn has an affinity for peeing and pooping on the snow.  We’re a little anxious about it melting…..ha ha ha.

I made an old favorite – Poblano Chicken Chowder. It’s exquisite.  The perfect blend of stock, vegetables and heat.  It’s a large pot and it’s probably too hot for anyone other than Larry and I.  Too bad!!  There will be no giveaways on this pot of soup.  Larry’s out running errands and the children are cleaning their rooms.  I will vacuum and then it’s chillax time!  Maybe I can talk the kids into a game of electronic Monopoly.  Grace and I love it, but it’s really not that fun without a third.  We’ll need Larry to light a fire too.  Maybe a walk in the snow tonight?  They say another 2-4 inches.  I think it’s snowman time tomorrow!!

Feeling life viscerally.  Thankful for all I have.  My husband and children.  My sister is doing beautifully and is my champion.  Life is good.


One Response to “Sweet Saturday.”

  1. The recipe sounds good, though I’m doing a chicken modiga tonight as the Official Daughter returns to college tomorrow.

    As for laundry, I bought the EMBLOS a brand new 5.2 cubic foot washer for Christmas (her request, BTW) which was delivered this week and which resulted in a period of “romance” last night after we’d done all the bed linens and in about an hour as opposed to three in the past.

    So, yeah, I’m with you on the whole “good day” thing.


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