Photo Friday

This is the best Dad in the world holding my brother.  My sister Jeanie is on the right.  I am just below his head.  Cece is the blond and my oldest sister Kathy is sitting in the sand.  Kevin Moran is the older boy and Edward Donelan is the toe head in the front.  This was taken in 1964 at Atlantique on Fire Island.  I am 3 years old and wearing my famous yellow ruffle bathing suit (which family photos seem to show I wore for the next two or three years).  Much has changed since then!  Gosh this makes me smile.


2 Responses to “Photo Friday”

  1. I’ve discovered how much my kids love looking at old photos of us as kids and the grandparents as young people. Save those photos and the stories that goes with them.

    BTW. the chicken has been moved to next weekend as we decided to go out. I’ll let you know.


  2. Darling,
    THe whole time I am like oh I have a follwer Nutsy Fagan and I do not know who it is, blah blah blah. And finally the total space cat that I am here I am my dear idol Barbie. Love your photos of your dear dear family. You have such a wonderful life and the best family all round! He how is your Finney doing? I have got to s top by and see him for myself. THanks for checking in to the bloggie. Love you girl you are and will always be in my hdeart. Love KK Hope this works….xxoo

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