Crazy good chicken.

I’ve been searching for a great oven baked crispy chicken for a looooooong time.  I try out a recipe and it fails and then I give up for a while in disgust.  Well the search is over!!  Found a recipe today that is not only super delicious, but fast and easy.  I loved it.  My son is finicky and just pushed the plate away, but what does he know???  Give this a try.  I altered mine by adding garlic powder, onion powder and some poultry seasoning.  Otherwise, I followed it exactly.  I must say, the crumbs didn’t go very far.  After breading 4 thighs, I didn’t have much left.  So if you’re making more chicken than that, you might want to double the recipe.  I also turned my oven up to 375.  The chicken was crisp, juicy and really good.  A big thumbs up.

So American Idol started last night.  Another one of my thangs.  I just like the show.  I love to sing and I love to hear these kids give it their all.  Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are welcome additions as far as I’m concerned.  We’ll see how things shape up once we get to Hollywood and the bigger theaters.  Randy was low key with barely a “dawg” or “pitchy” comment.  I miss that and hope he brings it back.  Although it doesn’t matter because the dude is funny and cracks me up.  During one less than stellar performance he just tilted his head and asked, “really?  really?”

Didn’t get my sonogram today because no one told me I wasn’t to have breakfast first.  Thanks a lot – nothing like wasting an hour.  I get to go back tomorrow morning!  In the meantime, I got my EKG and bloodwork done for the colonoscopy on Monday.  I also got my doctor to agree to let me do the miralax purge instead of the super disgusting moviprep.  Thanks Doc!  Things are moving forward and soon I’ll be back on track.

So it’s supposed to snow again tonight.  I’m not totally up for a snow day like I usually am.  I want this test done and I want to get other things done that I haven’t been able to do all week because of going to the doctor.  Odds are good the kids will go.  It’s Friday anyway, so why not.  I always loved Fridays.  My fave day!

Okay.  I didn’t even mean to post again today since I already did.  I just felt the urge.  It was the chicken.


One Response to “Crazy good chicken.”

  1. I’ll try it.

    BTW, I saw a recipe for a pan-roasted whole, partially de-boned chicken with capers that looks really good. It was on TV though and I forget the PBS show where I saw it.


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