Ten on Tuesday

Favorite childhood games:

1.  Hopscotch

2. Tetherball

3.  Kick the Can

4. Spud

5. Breakthrough Red Rover

6.  Concentration Prison Camp (see explanation at end of list please)

7.  Spades

8.  Rummy 500

9.  Casino

10.  Uno

Yes, I understand that #6 requires some clarification.  On the block where I grew up there was a family called Holzmacher.  Nice German family.  Bobby was (probably still is) brilliant.  I’m sure he’s an engineer somewhere fixing very big things.  He was also fun.  CPC was his brainchild.  Holzmachers had a HUGE backyard (almost an acre).  On the north end was a swing set with a balcony on top.  East was the house, south was the neighbors property and west was the creek.  We played at night and you had to get from the swing set all the way around the yard to the creek without being caught in the flashlight.  Whoever was “it” had to stand on top the swing set and slowly (otherwise you’d get kicked out of the game) swing the light back and forth across the yard.  It was a very fun game and I almost NEVER got caught.  We would start as soon as the sun went down and play until we Fagans had to be home at 10PM during the summer.  Ah, the good old days.


3 Responses to “Ten on Tuesday”

  1. Today, that prison/concentration camp game would be deemed politically incorrect and you’d have all sorts of spoil-sport busybodies clucking their tongues.

    Oh, to be a kid again in the 1960s.


  2. Tetherball freaks and then when we were teens it was ZIM ZAM!
    Love your blog Nutsy! (took me long enough)

  3. Oh sorry but spades was a big one for us girls in particular the year, Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams was released, we were thirteen years old.
    love ya KK again

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