The Good News.

Went to Sloan today for my surgical consult visit with Barakat.  Really, really, really wish my sister had told me it would be similar to a visit to the gynecologist…oy.  Moving on…  I really liked the doctor and his staff.  I go back for presurgical bloodwork, etc. on the 2nd and I will have surgery on the 8th.  The good news?????  LAPAROSCOPIC BABY!!!!!  I can’t tell you what a relief that is!  Holy cow!  The difference between that and open surgery is similar to the difference between getting hit by a truck and getting hit by a tricycle.  I’ll be in and out in a day and back on my feet in no time.  The surgery is pretty cool also – it is robotic.  Using the robot allows him to have a 3 dimensional view where regular laparoscopic only has a 2 dimensional view.  I’m just relieved.  I was dreading open surgery which I thought was inevitable since I’ve had two sections.  Okay!  Things feel under control if still hectic.  Did I mention my 3 year chronic abdominal pain???  No?  I am certain it’s my gallbladder, but with my sister’s illness and all…’s time to get to the bottom of it.  So, sonogram tomorrow, colonoscopy on Monday and an endoscopy next Monday.  Good times.


One Response to “The Good News.”

  1. My prayers for you as the EMBLOS went through the complete battery you describe a couple of years ago. I’m sure all will go well.


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