Photo Friday

Larry took this photo.  It was all of us walkers marching over the bridge at Smith Pt. Park for the closing ceremonies of the Long Island 2 Day Walk to Fight Breast Cancer.  I was filled with emotion.  I will filled with pain!!  I had walked 35 miles in two days, partially in the rain.  I had 5 toe nails fall off!!  No regrets.  Coming over that bridge and seeing Larry, the kids and my mom (two time survivor) was amazing.   This photo is now 3 years old.  They are using it as one of their biggest advertisement photos.  So cool.

Not to make this a cooking blog, but I feel compelled to mention that the pulled pork with Neely’s BBQ sauce was fantastic.  No more Sweet Baby Ray’s.  This sauce is the bomb.  The kids went crazy for it and asked to me never make it any other way again.  OMG!!!  Tonight is leftover chicken curry, pulled pork and salad.  Tomorrow, I’m giving Cha Cha’s White Chicken Chili a try.  It comes highly recommended from my sister.  I’ll keep you posted!!


2 Responses to “Photo Friday”

  1. If you’re losing toenails after a long weekend hike, you need new footwear. (I could write a book about footwear choices I’ve seen in the wilderness, including 3 inch heeled, open-toed pumps.)

  2. Yes, I learned the hard way. After that, I bought sneakers a whole size larger than I needed and I’ve never had a problem since. Also, I only had one pair with me and they got wet Saturday afternoon around mile 12….had to walk another 8 miles Saturday and then 15 on Sunday while they were still wet. Ick.

    Heels in the wilderness…..what? Did you run into Snooki? Ha ha ha.

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