Snowy Saturday and “Babies”

It’s just beautiful out.  We recieved a very light dusting of fresh snow on top of the TON of snow already on the ground.  The sun seems to be coming out – finally.  Of course they NWS is predicting another inch of snow tonight and a possible whopper of a storm on Wednesday (could be another foot of snow).  At this rate, the kids will be in school until the 4th of July….  I love winter.  I love snow.  But another foot????  Come on!!  Of course if it turns out to be rain we will have an all out cold, wet mess on our hands.  Lots of rain with two feet of snow on the ground?  Oy.  It is interesting if nothing else.  It reminds me of winters when I was little.  We had a lot of snow then too.  Then it seemed to really die down for a loooooong time.

Larry is off to Frostbiting in the Flying Scots.  There will be five or six boats out today.  What a day they have!!  Cold, crisp, snowy and sunny?  They’ll be in their glory.  Hopefully someone takes some pics.  Maybe I should stop down?  Nah.  I’ll be taking the kids “sledding” this afternoon.  I used quotes because this is the term my children insist I use.  Actually, it is correct.  However, when I was a child, we always called it sleigh riding.  Should be fun no matter what you call it.

The kids and I watched a documentary the other night.  It’s called “Babies” and it was wonderful!  The show follows 4 babies from birth until they begin to walk.  The babies live in San Francisco, Tokyo, Namibia and Mongolia.  It’s absolutely fascinating.  There is no real dialog other than mothers chattering.  There are no questions or answers.  Just wonderful observation.  It’s amazing to watch how differently these children grow up, yet all their learning and emotional milestones are pretty much the same.  There are wonderful moments captured such as one child falling asleep sitting up. His eyes are slowly closing, his head begins to fall back and then?  That instant where he senses he’s falling and quickly wakes up.  The most interesting thing to me was how my children never flinched seeing African women naked and breastfeeding their children but when the (except for a small bottom cloth), but when the white mom in San Francisco was naked in a hot tub with the baby (mind you, they never showed anything at all) my kids gasped and said, “Is she NAKED???”.  I highly recommend this.  It’s interesting, adorable and proves the point that all you need is love.  I’ll end on that note.  Happy weekend.


2 Responses to “Snowy Saturday and “Babies””

  1. This winter as I’ve cursed the snow, I stop and think of the mess in your neck of the woods.

    Then I feel better!

    Thanks for that.


  2. Way way back in the beginning there was snow. (Almost sounds biblical) I said, “OH, how pretty!” Eighteen minutes later as I attempted to throw the litter box leavings into the garbage can located three feet out the door with cold wind blowing down the neck of my sweatshirt and cold wet slush permeating my stockinged feet, I assaulted anyone within a 50 foot radius with language too colorful to repeat here. So many months later, a mere glimpse out the window brings back those not so fond memories and the colorful utterances of my true feelings about winter. You can have it all. I’d move south but we all know how that’s working weather wise.

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