Winter – By Laurence

Snow peacefully drifting from the sky

Presents on Christmas morning

Roaring fires all season long

Screaming about a new toy

Pounding snow off my boots

An oven full of fresh cookies

Steaming hot cocoa with marshmallows

Melting chocolate in your mouth

Playing in the snow

Candy canes on the Christmas tree

Being happy with my family

Winter is like one big snowball fight!


3 Responses to “Winter – By Laurence”

  1. I trust all is well.

    Alas, given the recent snow here, I’m a little jaded about happy winter thoughts. At the moment, I’m all beach and sun.


  2. I’m okay. I was waiting for a result and a bit nervous, but it came back negative thank God! I have surgery Tuesday and a CCK HIDEA scan next week (to test gallbladder function). I’m hoping that the gallbladder is the cause of my pain. More to come. Thank you Randall.

    How much snow did you get? I heard you guys got hammered….

  3. I’m so glad your tests came back negative. I’m sorry you have to have surgery. I’ll be wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Don’t tell Randall’s wife, but I’ve been stalking him in the sun on the beach.

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