Gettin’ ready.

Laundry is in process of completion.  I had a good breakfast before being told I was on a clear liquid diet for the rest of the day!  Thank God I ate that meal!!  Dusting is done.  I went for a long walk in the sunshine with my puppy, my friend and her puppy!  I’ve arranged pick ups, drops offs, etc. for the kids.  Now I need to clean the bathrooms and vacuum.  Everything will be nice and neat and tidy for the next few days.  Friends are bringing dinner tomorrow night and the next night and I have enough in the freezer for quite a few nights after.  Just waiting for my scheduled time.  I had an info call from a nurse this morning who said it was probably around 10:30 – 11:00am.  That would be great for me.  We would probably be home in time for supper with the kids.  But it is what is is and I’ll take whatever time I get.  I do hope it’s early – today is fine for fasting.  No problem.  But by 11:00am tomorrow, I’ll be getting cranky.  And thirsty.  Oh well.  Life goes on, right?

Okay.  Off to vacuum.  Keep me in your good thoughts and I’ll be back when I can.  😉


2 Responses to “Gettin’ ready.”

  1. I shall send good vibes your way. I hope they don’t get bogged down in the snow.


  2. Day late and dollar short. Again. Hope you are on the mend and everything is going well.

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