So, surgery is over.  It went well.  Yesterday was tough.  Worse than I expected.  Anesthesia threw me for a loop.  Ride home on the bumpy expressway for two hours was not the highlight.  I did sleep pretty well.  Today is soooooo much better than yesterday.  Throat still hurts and my abdomen is very, very sore.  Not having the headache and the anesthesia “ick” (don’t know what else to call it) is huge.  I should be even better tomorrow.  But I’m taking small steps.  Resting, watching movies.  I overdid it a bit this morning and will not do that again.  Friends & family (especially Larry) have been wonderful.  I got Gemelli’s wedding soup and ravioli and chocolate dessert last night from Karen.  Today, Jen Robbins brought me an orchid, Michelle & Bill brought me a chocolate basket and Mary Catherine brought lasagne, salad and italian bread.  Carl just brought me a Costo chicken (yummy).  Lello’s bringing dinner tomorrow night.  Life is good and having to lay around and watch movies is good too.  Vicodin also good.  That’s all for now.  Hope you’re all well.  It’s sunny too.  Nice.  Back to bed.


3 Responses to “Ouch.”

  1. Glad to hear it went well and you’re on the mend. Rest up, let your body heal up and don’t try to go too fast too soon!

  2. I know exactly what you mean when you say anesthesia ick. Unfortunately Vicodin does the same thing for me. The food and friends sound really awesome. Good to hear you are on the mend.

  3. Funny, I don’t feel like the Vicodin does a thing. I remember loving percocet after childbirth….pop in mouth, pass out, feel better. I wish I had gotten some of those!

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